About Us

Gabaorientals has a different angle to look  at things. Selling goods is not the idea but to support the back weavers and craftsmen is the focus. Pakistan and  afghanistan are poverty hit third world countries but they hold a big potential. The labour is hardworking but resource less to come to limelight and live with dignity. The art of carpet making is dyeing and it needs support. The only way to ensure their revival is to encourage the products so the weavers  should stand on their feet and talk of trade rather than aid. Gabaorientals thinks this way. Selling for support not for just profit making.


The  money u spent on purchase of rugs, bedlinen products or anyother  on this website for that matter, a special percentage of its earnings goes to the development fund of those poor people who work in our handlooms, stitching units, or workshops. That’s really needed for the uplift program of these people.


Gabaorientals as the name underlines is a majorly carpet and rug company. It stocks and sells handmade oriental rugs in retail outlets in Pakistan and also on internet. As the company is in retail business its showrooms also have machine made rugs, kid rugs etc of different sizes and qualities from Belgium, Turkey , Egypt and China.


 Gabaorientals also holds a stitching unit for bed sheets , duvet sets , bedcovers , kid bedding, and other allied  bed linen items that are being sold in all its retail stores.