How To Order


A simple, easy to understand, step by step guide on how to order products from, making buying from us even easier.

  • Browse the site using our search, or our left hand navigation bar.
  • Once you have found a product you want select in the drop down menu your size, colour and order quantity. Click 'Add to Basket'. (Note some products only have one size and colour combination, in this case just select your order quantity).
  • Continue adding what you wish to buy in the same way.
  • When you have finished adding your products to basket you can click on the ‘Checkout’ button or alternatively click the basket image in the top right hand corner of the screen.
  • In the basket screen you can view your added products.  Here you can change the quantities of what your buying, remove goods you don’t want to buy and enter an offer code (if you have one) to receive a discount. Click the link ‘update’ button if you have made any changes so that the basket shows your final total.
  • If you wish to add more products to your basket you can click on the 'Continue shopping' button and continue browsing the site. Your basket will store what products were there previously.
  • Once you are happy you would like to order the products which are in your basket Click the 'Checkout' button, below the total on the basket page.
  • If you are an existing customer, login to your account by entering your registered email address and password at the top. If you are a new customer, please enter your details in the form as requested, ensuring all required fields are filled out.
  • You are able to select a separate delivery address, by clicking 'Add Address' under the Delivery Details section.
  • You are also able to put Extra Delivery information which could help with delivery and are given the option to opt in to special offers and news.
  • After you enter your details, click on the 'Proceed to Payment' button.
  • Please enter your credit/debit card details remembering to complete all mandatory fields marked with an asterix. click ‘Make Payment’
  • At this point you may be taken to your Banks 3D Secure page, where you will be asked to fill in a preregistered Credit card, do not press the refresh or back button at this point.
  • Once the order has gone through you will see a confirmation page Thanking you for your order, with your Order Number and other useful information.
  • You will also receive an order confirmation email
  • When your goods have been despatched you will receive a further notification email letting you know your goods are on their way!

For further assistance please email