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Navajo fine Kilim 4x6 ft rug no. 3501

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  • Color

    Offwhite / ivory

  • Size

    120 x 180

  • Quality

    Flat weave two side usable

  • Material

    wool on cotton

  • Design


  • Weight

    4 kg

Product Description

Navajo Designs flatweave rugs in typically south american designs. Exclusive handwork by pakistani artisans in wool with cotton base. Hundreds of designs to choose from. They can b customised and also ordered according to your sizes but that needs time for dyeing and weaving according to the sizes. normal sizes are 2/3, 2.5/4, 3/5, 4/6, 5/7, 6/9, 8/10, 2/6, 2.5/10. These rugs are styled after traditional weavings of the American Southwest in renditions or blends of classic patterns. The rugs are all wool, hand woven on upright or flat looms in Navajo influenced patterns and designs. Many patterns include modern interpretations or renditions of Two Gray Hills, Crystal, Storm pattern, Klagetoh, Pictorial, Ganado, Teec Nos Pos, Burnt Water and many more. These rugs are 90-to 95% wool, with 5% to 10% acrylic (for durability). They will last many generations of wear. These are rugs you can walk on! They clean easily and wear well, however professional cleaning is recommended.

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 Katy Nebhan, Australia.

We have made a number of purchases from Gabaorientals and have been extremely happy with every single product! We highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for style, quality and excellent customer service...More

 Mr Abdul karim, Dubai

We purchased a double knot carpet from net from Gabaorientals worth US$ 1995 in 2010 . It is fantastic in use and even shines like new today. Its really worth it, we are happy to have purchased it . We are writing this on special request of Mr Gaba of Gabaorientals.com...More