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Handknotted Soorah Fatiha2x3 ft persian rug no. 2019

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    $149.00 $104.30
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  • Size

    60 x 90

  • Quality

    9/14 per sq. inch ( senneh knots )

  • Material

    Wool and silk on cotton

  • Design

    Soorah fatiha

  • Weight

    1.50 kg

Product Description

The carpets are wall hangings hand woven with silk and wool for Muslims only. These Arabic verses are handknoteed by special craftsmen who have good knowledge of Holy Quran. The available verses are 99 Names of Allah Pak,99 Names of Hazrat Muhammed pbuh, Ayat al Kursi, Loqh e qurani, Kalma, Soorah yasin, Darood sharif, Soorah Fatiha, 4 quls, and many more famous Ayaats (Quranic Verses) taken from the Holy Quran. The fonts ( "nastalique" called in arabic ) range from tradional Saudi to contemporary. The spellings and punctuations are duly checked to remove any error in light of the holy Quran.

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 Katy Nebhan, Australia.

We have made a number of purchases from Gabaorientals and have been extremely happy with every single product! We highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for style, quality and excellent customer service...More

 Mr Abdul karim, Dubai

We purchased a double knot carpet from net from Gabaorientals worth US$ 1995 in 2010 . It is fantastic in use and even shines like new today. Its really worth it, we are happy to have purchased it . We are writing this on special request of Mr Gaba of Gabaorientals.com...More